Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

In a CEA system, plants are grown throughout the year by controlling the key parameters of air temperature, relative humidity, VPD, evapotranspiration, carbon dioxide concentrations and light availability.


CEA increases a farm's production efficiency by shortening the growth cycle and increasing plant density


By placing container farms closer to the consumers who will consume the produce which is grown locally


Plants are automatically provided accurate input variables of nutrients and fertilizer dosage at predetermined intervals in the container


Lorem ipsum dolor amet consectetuer CEA eliminates the impacts of climate, location, and seasonality, allowing you to have any produce you choose at any time of year and in any area

Terrarium Plant Factory

Terrariums are advanced greenhouse based plant production systems that use automation controllers, sensors, growing recipes, and artificial intelligence to grow fresh food on a consistent basis.

Terrarium Domestic Series

Terrarium Commercial Series

Innovative Controlled Environment Plant Factory System

Plant factories are being adopted widely as consumers demand fresh, healthy and nutritious food. Plant factory utilizes natural and artificial light, temperature humidity, nutrient and CO2 concentrations to nurture happy plants. Crops grown in controlled environment systems are nutrition rich, cleaner and fresher compare to traditional soil grown produce.

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