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Since inception, Cenaura has been trying to bring together the organic farming practices with precision farming technologies. Cenaura has developed a range of technologies from the smallest pocket-sized sensors to the largest container farms and greenhouses powered by renewable energy. Deep decarbonization efforts require reduction of power and water resource requirements for cultivation, as these two areas consume bulk of the resources. Cenaura’s full service technology platform revolves around four major levers to drive local ecosystems of sustainable organic farming, which when scaled up can drive improvements in the farm economy – improved crop health, water and nutrient savings, ecological balance and improved yield.


Propagate use of smart sustainable precision farming techniques and excel in the science of making use of every space available, urban and rural, so that future generations are not left scrambling for food.


Emerge as a pioneering smart sustainable farming company that leverages cutting edge green technologies and lean methodologies, to make every available space