The Terrarium Series of Plant Factories enable growers to achieve year-round consistent vegetable production. The primary goal of the Terrarium structure is to maintain a comfortable indoor climate while maximizing natural resources such as sunlight.



> Designed for soil less culture in a semi controlled environment
> Adjustable micro climate conditions through the sensors
> Involves the cultivation in NFT channels and Dutch bucket mechanisms
> Automated sensors that monitor the greenhouse climate
> Venting with circulation fan for the circulation of air flow within the greenhouse
> Indoor grow light setup for active photosynthesis
> Featuring a Fan and pad system for continuous cooling effect inside the greenhouse
> Set up with a typical irrigation system for letting water drip to the root zone of plants
> Circulations fans for the circulation of air within the structure
> Air conditioning equipment like Fan and pad, Fogging/heating systems
> Climate and Environment sensors
> 100X50mm UPVC NFT Channels with pre drilled holes and 2″ Net Cups
> 100X50 UPVC End caps (With & without spout)
> NFT Staging Beds (Galvanized Iron Structure)

> 100X50 UPVC End caps (With & without spout)
> NFT Staging Beds (Galvanized Iron Structure)
> Irrigation & Drain System with all accessories & Fittings
> UPVC Plumbing and Accessories > Nutrient Dosing Pumps & Air pumps
> Flood & Drain Germination/Propagation Tables with trays
> Growing Medium (Oasis Cubes) for 1 crop cycle
> General Grow Hydroponic Nutrients for 1 crop cycle
> Consultation, Erection & Commissioning
> Supply & erection of Climate Controlled Fan & Pad Plant Factory
> High Pressure Fogging System
> 100 GSM Anti-Weed mat
> Farm Automation System
> Electrical wiring. Lighting. LT Distribution boards, & Earthing